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Shop Online India Affiliate Program.

About us:
We are India's one of oldest and prominent Online Shopping  E-Commerce Website.
On our site we sell Only Carefully Selected and Tested Quality products which are Unique, Innovative and Useful. On our site, one can shop from the comfort of his home or office using his Computer, Tab or Mobile.
We constantly Add New and Unique products to our website for the benefit of our Affiliates so that they keep on getting better returns and continuous income from our products.

Who Can become our Affiliate?
Answer: Website Owners, Bloggers, or anyone who has an Online presence with visitors on their sites, pages or blogs


  • Our Affiliates get highest commission rate of 15%
  • You do not need to keep any stock or invest any money.
  • We will process all orders and dispatch them by courier.
  • We will take care of all dispatches, logistics, payment collection and other process.
  • You will be provided with an online “Affiliate Panel” and given a user name and password. You can login and keep track of all your orders and earnings.

How does it work:

  • We will create a special Affiliate link / tracking code for you, which you can use to promote on your website, thru emails, blogs, AdWords, etc.
  • We will provide you text links / online banners which you can use to promote. These links / banners will contain your tracking code.
  • When a customer clicks on these links / banners, it will add a cookie on his computer. These cookies will store on the customer’s computer for many days. So whenever the customer places any order using your link, you will be entitled to receive your commission.
  • Once a customer clicks on your link a cookie will be stored on his computer. So if a customer visits our site later without going thru your link as long as the cookie is there on his PC and purchases any product, then also the sale will be recorded in your account and you will be entitled to receive the commission.


  • We will give you 15% commission on all sales generated from your links.
  • Sales refer to all successful orders.
  • In case of orders with online payment, the commission will be credited to your partner account immediately within 48 hours.
  • In case of orders received on C.O.D basis (cash on delivery), the commission will be credited to you once the customer takes the delivery of order by making the payment. You can keep a track of all order received, delivered and commission credited to your account by logging in to your online Affiliate


  • The commission cheque will be sent to you every month by courier to your address or it can be transferred to your bank account directly thru NEFT.
  • Minimum earning of Rs 1000 is required for your payment cheque. In case if your earnings don’t reach Rs 1000 in a month, they will be carried forward to another month and paid to you when it reaches Rs 1000
  • Commission for 1 month will be calculated and your cheque will be dispatched by the 10th of following month.
  • If your earnings are high (more than Rs 50,000 per month) than we can pay you weekly also.

How to Join?
Fill up our Affiliate Application Form and submit to us. We shall go thru your application and once approved, we will send you the welcome mail with Affiliate Login Details.

Click Here to Fill up Application Form to Join our Affiliate Program.