Referral Program

How it Works?

1) You Enter your Friend's Name and Email and click on the "Send Referral" button.
2) Your Friend will receive a Email with a Discount Coupon with a link to our website.
3) Your friend visits our site, makes purchase by entering the discount coupon.
4) Your friend gets 10% Discount on his order and you get "Store Money" of 10% value of your friend's order amount.
5) You can now buy products from our website using this "Store Money"


1) Earn Store Money: You can earn store money and use this money to buy any products from our site now or anytime in future.
The more friends you refer the more money you can earn.  Thus many products you can buy from our site for almost Free using your store money.
2) Happy Friends: By referring your friends, relatives or colleagues, you are not only doing good to yourself, but also benefitting them as they get 10% discount coupons and a chance to purchase our unique and useful products at such a discounted rates.


For example if you refer100 people and 25 people makes purchase on our site.  Average order is approx Rs 1000.  Total will be Rs 25000.  Thus you will be earning Rs 2500 as Store Money.  More the number, more you earn. You can make a list of Name, Email of your friends, relatives, colleagues etc and start referring them.

Terms & Conditons:

  1. One person can refer as many friends as he wish, but only once.  For eg: Rakesh refers Suresh to our website.  Then Rakesh cannot refer suresh again next time.  But Rakesh can refer other people as many as he wants but limited to 50 friends per hour.  If Suresh is already referred by some other person or if he is already registered on our site, then he cannot be referred again.
  2. The coupon will be sent to the Friend by email.  This coupon can be used 3 times for 3 different orders.  The coupon will be valid for 60 days. Every time the coupon is used, you will get reward.
  3. When your friend makes a purchase by making Online Payment, the reward will be given to you by way of Store Money.  You will receive 10% of the total order amount of your friend's order within 24- 48 hours in your Store Money Account.  But if your friend uses the coupon and places order by selecting "Cash on Delivery" payment method, than your Store Money account will be credited once your friend receives the order and makes payment for the order.
  4. You will receive a email notification (1) when your referee places a order by using the coupon code. (2) when your Store Money account is credited for the order placed by your referee.
  5. You should Refer to those people who know you.
  6. Discount Offer / Rewards may vary from time to time based on company's discretion.

Start Referring Now,


  1. Prepare a List of Names and Emails of your Friends, Relatives, Colleages.  You can add as many people in the list as possible.  The more you add, the more rewards you earn.
  2. If you are already registered on our site, enter your Email and Password under the "Returning Customer" section and click on the Login button.
  3. Fill up your Friend's /Relatives/ Colleague's Names and Emails and click on the "Send Referral" button.
  4. You can Add many Names and Emails as per your wish.
  5. If you are not registered on our site, you can create a new account and then refer your friends.
  6. Link to create a new account is Create a New Account and then link to send referrals is Refer Friends

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