20 Liter Water Bottle Handle

₹ 175

    Reduced Prices for More Quantity as Below:

  • 2 or more ₹ 150
  • 4 or more ₹ 125
  • 10 or more ₹ 110

It is very difficult and inconvenient to lift 20 liter water bottles. Lifting 20 liter heavy water bottles can cause you backpain or other pain.  But Now we have introduced a new product thru which any one can now lift and carry a heavy 20 liter water bottle with great ease.  The handle is made in such a way that even 2 people can also use it to carry a single bottle with great ease.

# This is a Latest, New and Unique Product.
# This labor saving lifting water bottle handle, is made from high quality material, safe and durable
# Very useful at home or office, parties, traveling etc.
# Warranty: 30 Days.

Package Contents:
1 Water Bottle Handle
1 Instruction Sheet