Body Scrubber Brush Belt

₹ 145

    Reduced Prices for More Quantity as Below:

  • 2 or more ₹ 125
  • 3 or more ₹ 115
  • 4 or more ₹ 99
  • 10 or more ₹ 85

# Now you can easily reach and clean hard to reach body parts like back, neck etc. with much ease and without much efforts.
# Fold-able and flexible, cleans and massage the body and promote blood circulation.
# It is made of Eco friendly, non-toxic and durable Food-Grade silicone
# It is more hygienic, soft and comfortable for men, women and kids.
# It can easily clean your back, neck, shoulder, arms, legs, chest and feet.
# It will quickly dry which can greatly reduce the survival rate of bacteria, mites.
# The dense brush head side can penetrate into pores to clean dirt and exfoliate effectively.
# The harder particle side can massage the back to improve Vascular Blood Circulation and help your skin metabolic toxins.
# Dual Sides with Different Design: One side soft bristles and other side hard both sides you can use as per your need.
# COLOR NOTE: Color will be sent random as per availability.
# Size: 11 cm x 72 cm approx.