Fold-able 10-in-1 Chef Basket

₹ 325

    Reduced Prices for More Quantity as Below:

  • 2 or more ₹ 275
  • 4 or more ₹ 265
  • 10 or more ₹ 250

# Must have for Kitchen | Cook, Deep Fry, Boiling, Steam or Rinse
# This multi-functional product is made of 304 stainless steel and can be used as a strainer, storage basket, Colander, or a Water Drainer.
# Convenient to use, durable and corrosion resistant.
# Its handles makes it easier to move the strainer right from the sink to the frying pan.
# Insert it directly into the frying pan and easily remove once the food is fried.
# The best way to drain off excess oil from the food.
# You can also use it to store fruits and vegetables or wash them directly under the tap.
# It can also be used as a steamer to steam your food or boil and remove it easily with the handles.
# The handles stay cool to touch.
# Go from the Pot to the Plate, folds flat.
# The fold-able strainer falls flat when not in use, so that it can be stored without using much space or just hang it with the help of its handles.